Never Worry About Bookkeeping Again

It’s all about time. Time to focus on your business. Quality time to spend with family.

As a business owner, your days are full. Hours are spent on sales, marketing, meetings and negotiations… You know it’s important to keep your books up-to-date, but you’re busy and don’t always have time.

And let’s face it, bookkeeping is full of tedious tasks that eat up your time—reconciliations, payroll and government remittances like HST and WSIB. It never seems to end, does it?

Slogging away on the books means less time for the more strategic and profitable areas of your business. And it’s hard to focus on the finer details of bookkeeping when other priorities tug at your brain. Yet those important details can kill your business if not managed properly.

Wouldn’t you like relief from the constant pressure of those tiresome tasks?

I can free up your valuable time and resources. Leave the books to me and allow yourself time to focus on customer care and growing your business.

As an expert bookkeeper who works with numbers every day, I’m fast and efficient. With special expertise in QuickBooks, I’ll get you caught up on your bookkeeping and keep you on track every month. Plus, I’ll solve all the outstanding issues so your books are clean and accurate for the accountant.

More Than A Bookkeeper

Far from being ‘just a bookkeeper’, I earned my Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University. Then, amassed a wealth of knowledge through 18 years of experience with a global company. I understand business priorities and can help streamline your processes to make you more efficient.

I’ve handled a diverse assortment of issues through both current and past clients. I’ll quickly figure out the concerns you face and will find solutions that work.

And don’t worry if you have the ‘harder’ bookkeeping problems—like discrepancies in payments or collections from difficult customers—I succeed where others have failed.

Confidence in Your Numbers

Hiring a bookkeeper is more than just a smart business practice. With more time to focus, you see the big picture instead of drowning in the details. Anxiety gives way to relief and confidence. Confidence in the numbers, knowing your books are accurate. The ability to make strategic decisions with certainty. And confidence about what’s working – or not – to make the necessary adjustments.

Isn’t it time to take your business to the next level with numbers you can count on? Never worry about bookkeeping again?

Call me today. I’ll relieve you from those tedious tasks and give you time for more important things.

When you want to get the job done right – the first time – call me at 905-339-8918 or email me directly at